Gift Ideas For The Digital Era Child

Time marches on, bringing evolution in its wake, but what shall we do with some of these new changes? In my youth, my parents maintained a room solely for toy storage in our abode. And I must say, that room was perpetually in disarray, a testament to the countless hours my brother and I dedicated to play. Yet, with technology becoming ever so prevalent in society, we are witnessing a surge in youngsters who are strangers to the art of play.

Perhaps my perspective on the significance of toys in our lives as children is somewhat unique, owing to my grandmother’s profession as a toy sales representative. Toys were a pivotal part of my childhood. We accompanied her to the shops she supplied, frequented some of the major outlets, and were always treated to free samples of the upcoming toys. As you might well imagine, visiting her abode was always a splendid affair.
However, in this day and age, numerous children possess their own phone or tablet from a tender age and engage solely with these devices. This brings us to the conundrum: In this era of youngsters who are unfamiliar with traditional play, what gifts should we bestow upon them?

New Attire

If there’s one certainty in this discourse, it is that clothing will perpetually be a necessity for both adults and youngsters, thus presenting an excellent gift idea. You might visit brands like PatPat and Zara, two prominent retailers of children’s attire, and peruse their extensive collection to discover the perfect present for the little one. Certain brands, such as PatPat, even allow you to filter options based on the child’s age, rendering your shopping experience exceedingly practical!

Arts & Crafts Supplies

Another avenue to kindle the creative spark in children is by gifting them arts and crafts supplies. The realm of possibilities is boundless for this gift idea. You might procure kits for crafting jewellery, pottery, sewing, and more, thereby nurturing not only their creativity but also their fine motor skills. Alternatively, you could opt for art materials for drawing, painting, colouring, sculpting, and so on. Renowned brands like Crayola and BIC are splendid sources for all the supplies you might require.

source: Unsplash – boy and girl painting art on eggs


Despite the decline in the number of children engaging with toys, we cannot disregard the intrinsic value of traditional play. Fortunately for us, there is an extensive array of toys available for today’s children. From educational toys like LEGO that foster creativity and engineering skills, to board games and puzzles that promote strategic thinking and cooperation, as well as traditional toys like plush animals and dolls; you will find an abundance of choices. Do explore Mattel and DisneyStore for some excellent gift ideas.

Outdoor & Active Play

Engaging in outdoor activities and physical exercise is beneficial for all, irrespective of age. We can encourage a passion for this in children by gifting them sports equipment like footballs, basketballs, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, and so forth. We might also assemble an exploration kit complete with binoculars, compasses, insect observation tools, and more, to foster their curiosity about the world around them. From personal experience, a swift method to captivate a child is to escort them to a Decathlon to select their own sports equipment. The store is laden with an array of products and sections to discover, which might itself be a gift to the child. For additional details about Decathlon, kindly refer to our other article “Why to Shop Decathlon Products”.


This viewpoint may be somewhat personal, as you would invariably find me engrossed in a book or a toy as a child, but books are yet another splendid gift idea for children. From graphic novels and illustrated books for younger readers to popular series for the more mature audience, you will assuredly find something that aligns with the child’s literary preferences. You might visit physical bookstores to gauge the current trends or utilise online platforms like Amazon for a more efficient purchase.

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It is imperative to remember that life encompasses more than mere material possessions. Crafting memories is a fundamental aspect of life and something that we cherish perpetually. Bearing this in mind, you might consider gifting experiences to children. Take them to a child-friendly play, musical, or sports event. Alternatively, you could offer them vouchers for exhilarating experiences such as visits to a trampoline park, an amusement park, rock climbing, and more. The possibilities are limitless, and you have the opportunity to bestow a truly unforgettable gift upon the child. You may explore some options for this on Tiqets and in the attractions section on

Musical Instruments

Before proceeding, it might be wise to consult with the parents of the intended recipient, especially considering the potential cacophony associated with musical instruments. The advantages of gifting music and instruments to children are manifold, including the enhancement of cognitive development through the utilisation of memory, attention, and spatial-temporal skills; the bolstering of emotional and social abilities, the cultivation of discipline and responsibility, the promotion of creativity and self-expression, and the development of fine motor skills and coordination. All of this can be achieved by gifting items such as a ukulele, keyboard, wind instrument, karaoke machine, or even a dance mat.


Technology remains a viable gift option, albeit a contentious one. It is crucial to always ascertain the parents’ stance and limitations regarding technology prior to gifting it to their child. There are a plethora of fun electronics currently available that are specifically designed for children, including tablets equipped with pre-installed educational apps and robust parental controls. Moreover, numerous video games exist that can be supervised by parents and utilised by children as both an educational and entertainment resource. Yet, it is imperative to emphasise that the key to this type of gift is always obtaining the parents’ consent prior to making a purchase. The parents should invariably be the ones to determine if and when technology is introduced to their children.


Let us all pause for a moment to draw breath. I acknowledge that this was a substantial amount of information, but in light of the changing times, it is paramount to be as well-informed as possible in order to make the most judicious decisions. I trust this article has provided you with some inspiration for gift ideas for the children in your life. Do follow our other articles for additional remarkable content.

Bruna Gorresio