Kickstart Your Fitness Journey With A Nike Membership

There’s a good chance that you already own a pair of athletic shoes or a workout set from Nike, as they are one of the global leading sportswear brands. If not, this is your cue to fall in love with the brand and with all the perks that Nike has to offer!

Starting a fitness journey can be a big step, but the Nike Membership might be that last push you need. Becoming a Nike member is a game-changer for anyone and everyone, and guess what? The membership is 100% free and has no strings attached.
Your fitness routine becomes not just a task but a rewarding experience, and in this article I’ll tell you why!

Get Your Fleek On With Nike

It’s no secret that good workout gear boosts motivation and confidence in the gym. As a Nike member, you’ll get early access to exclusive products such as limited-edition sneakers and collaborations with world-famous athletes and designers. It’s like having a VIP pass to all the latest and greatest from Nike!

Shipping And Returns Benefits As A Nike Member

Another gem of the Nike Membership: free standard shipping on all orders, regardless of the size. That’s right – no minimum purchase, no hidden costs. And if something doesn’t give you that “wow” feeling? No worries, Nike provides a flexible 60-day returns window. Now that’s what we call seamless shopping! A Nike Membership removes the common struggles of online shopping, allowing you to focus on finding your perfect fit.

nike athlete
source: Nike Newsroom – Nike athlete

Train Like A Pro With Free Nike Training Apps

Now that your workout gear is on fleek, it is time to kick things off! As a Nike Member, you’ll get free access to the Nike Run Club app and the Nike Training Club app. Offering customized training schedules, professional athlete workouts and real-time tracking tools, these apps will guide you all the way through. In essence, a Nike Membership paves the way for a transformative fitness experience and challenges you to unleash your full potential!

Unlock Nike Experiences

You’ve probably found your groove in working out with the Nike Membership very soon, and maybe you want to elevate your fitness experience at some point. Being a Nike member means being part of a vibrant community, therefore Nike organizes member-only events that open the door to a whole new level of engagement with the brand. Get ready to dive into training sessions with top-notch athletes, enriching workshops, community runs and personalized styling sessions. All events are listed in the Nike Experiences agenda. So, who’s ready to jump in?!

nike training
source: Unsplashed – Nike training

Nike Membership Vs. Competitors

Nowadays, most popular sportswear labels offer a membership to their customers. Take Adidas and their adiClub, for instance. With every purchase you earn some points, as a delightful little “thank you” for your shopping spree. New Balanceplays the same game with their My NB Rewards program. However, the Nike Membership goes beyond that. It’s not just about purchasing their products, but about embracing a healthy and active lifestyle too.

Let’s Get You Started With Nike

Signing up for the Nike Membership is easier than tying the shoelaces of your new Nike kicks! Just head over to their website and register online, or log into the Nike app. You pop in your email address and give the thumbs up to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Then, just add your name, birthday and a password. Next up, select your shopping preference – Men’s or Women’s products. And trust me, you want to stay in the loop with those online newsletters. You’ll be the first to know when something fresh, fiery, or fabulously discounted hits the store.

And just like that… You’re part of the Nike fam!
Hopefully I have inspired you enough to sign up for a Nike Membership today. As the cherry on top, TrustDeals offers multiple discount codes for Nike, you’ll find them easily. Let’s get your fitness adventure rolling!

Christiaan van Amstel