Mastering Food Delivery: Order Like A Pro

Ordering food has become a very common option in modern dining, offering convenience and a big variety of choices right at your doorstep. To enhance your food delivery experience, here are some key strategies, divided into nine essential aspects.

1. Service Comparison & Deals

Start by comparing different food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat and FoodHub to find your favorite restaurants, the best deals and lowest delivery fees. Keep an eye out for restaurants that offer free delivery as these can significantly reduce the overall cost of your order. Remember to check for promotions and coupons online or within the apps before placing your order for additional savings​​​​.

2. Subscription & Referral Benefits

Consider the perks of subscription services like an Uber Eats Pass, which offer reduced fees and other benefits for a monthly fee. Additionally, take advantage of referral programs where you can earn discounts or credits by inviting friends to use the service​​.

3. Strategic Ordering

Plan your orders in advance, especially during peak times, to avoid delays. Consider ordering in larger quantities for splitting meals, which can be economical and reduce per-person costs. Some apps also offer free delivery from certain restaurants, if another customer near you already placed an order from that restaurant. Other ways to avoid extra costs is skipping extras like drinks and desserts, that can be sourced more cheaply at home​​​​.


Uber Eats food delivery
source: Uber Newsroom – Uber Eats food delivery

4. Real-Time Updates & Notifications

Stay informed about your order’s progress through real-time updates and app notifications provided by the delivery service. This feature helps you manage your time efficiently while awaiting your meal​​​​. Additionally, ensure clear communication by double-checking your contact and address details, responding promptly to calls or texts from drivers, and providing specific delivery instructions​​​​.

5. Tipping & Delivery Etiquette

Understanding the importance of tipping is crucial as it forms a significant part of a delivery driver’s income. Checkout this article by Forbes for further information on tipping. Be generous with your tips, either in cash or in the app. When receiving your order, it’s important to be appropriately dressed and manage pets effectively. This consideration helps avoid any uncomfortable situations for the delivery personnel and ensures a respectful exchange.

6. Qualitative Packaging & Sustainable Awareness

Pay attention to how your food is packaged. Restaurants using eco-friendly and secure packaging enhance the delivery experience and demonstrate a commitment to quality. This aspect is vital for ensuring your food arrives in the best possible condition​​​​. To make your order as sustainable as possible, some delivery apps give you the option to skip plastic cutlery or they add a plastic fee.

Just Eat delivery rider
source: Unsplash – Just Eat delivery rider

7. Order Handling & Customer Care

If there’s an issue with the order, handle it gracefully by directing your feedback to the delivery service’s customer support instead of the driver. The driver is not the only one who is responsible for a smooth delivery and is probably not able to solve the issue right on the spot. For a funny insight into the life of a delivery driver, checkout this YouTube video.

8. Providing Feedback To Improve The Delivery Ecosystem

Leaving feedback about a restaurant on the delivery app plays a pivotal role in the food delivery ecosystem. This not only helps future customers make informed choices but also provides valuable insights to restaurants and delivery services for improvement.

9. Direct Support For Local Eateries

Lastly, consider ordering directly from restaurants when possible. This approach often reduces additional fees and provides more support to local businesses. When not ordering via a delivery app, you can use Yelp to find local restaurants near you that deliver too. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite meals while also contributing to the local economy​​.

By following these tips, you can order food like a pro! Make the most of the services available while enjoying delicious meals conveniently delivered to your doorstep, for the best price.

Florence Stroink